Nora "Sue" Underfoot is a halfling fighter and one of the founding members of the party.

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Nora lived with his family in a halfling village near the Silver Marches. Underfoot was named after his father, Sue, and his grandfather, Nora. His family, the Underfoot tribe had a tradition of naming the sons with traditionally feminine names in order to make them stronger and less susceptible to childish taunts. The Underfoot tribe possessed five family treasures, gold-band rings laden with gemstones of sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz and amethyst. Underfoot learned basic fighting and jeweling techniques as a child.

At the age of 20 when returning to his home village he found it was burned to the ground, his family dead and the heirlooms lost. He learned from nearby travellers that the village had been pillaged by a bandit clan known as the 'Steel Blood' which had travelled through many towns, plundering for gold. He also learned the Steel Blood was led by five warriors.

Nora was soon enlisted in the Lords Alliance where he trained further in the art of combat. By fortune, he had found his family's ruby ring with a dwarf bandit. Before killing the bandit he learned the the Steel Blood had disbanded and each taken a ring.

After 10 years of serving for the Lords Alliance and being promoted to a lieutenant, he heard word of another former leader of the Steel Blood but to bring the bandit to justice was beyond his jurisdiction. Nora resigned from the Lords Alliance and travelled south towards Neverwinter. After three years of searching, he finally found and defeated the bandit, who was a half-elf, and reclaimed the sapphire ring.

It was in Neverwinter where Nora stayed, doing petty mercenary work until he was tasked to escort Gundren Rockseeker to the town of Phandalin where he also met his soon-to-be fellow party members, Sanguis Luna and Collins Whitebeard.

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Nora may have once been devoted to law but ever since his path of vengeance against the Steel Blood was hindered by the restrictions of the Lords Alliance, he has progressed to a neutral alignment.

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